We’re all looking for ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. After all, the environment is key to our wellbeing, the health of our planet, and the future of the earth’s ecosystem. Even if you’re driving a gas-heavy vehicle rather than a hybrid or electric model, there are ways to make your car more efficient, and cut down on your contribution to environmental problems. Take these steps today if you want to reduce your family vehicle’s carbon footprint.

  • Recycle your vehicle. Landfills around the world are already overflowing, so anything you can do to cut down on your waste is a fantastic first step. This applies to your household and your car. When your car breaks down and you dispose of an old part, don’t send it to the dump to take up more space in the landfill. Speak to car wreckers Melbourne and recycle what you’re no longer using. When the time comes to say goodbye to your car altogether, they can help ensure that the parts and scrap metal are recycled or disposed of appro
  • Take a load off. The heavier your car is, the heavier on fuel it’ll be. While you can’t do much about the weight of your car itself, you can prevent it from being loaded down even further. Take the roof rack off to lighten the load, and try not to cart heavy objects around with you on a regular basis. If you frequently have a full boot then it’s time to do a spring clean. Removing this excess weight will give you more distance for your petrol and reduce the amount of gas you’re guzzling.

  • Choose the right tires. There are particular tires out on the market today that are far more eco-friendly than the old designs. These low rolling resistance tires are specially designed to waste less energy, saving you some valuable petrol money and cutting down on the energy expenditure of your vehicle.
  • Use the right petrol. There are a few different types of petrol available at your local refill station, but not all of them will suit your car. Using the right type for your car will ensure that it runs smoothly, and will stop you from wasting gasoline that your car doesn’t really need. Many people choose the more expensive petrol option thinking that it’ll make their car more powerful. In reality, these products may not suit your car’s engine, so check first before splashing out on pricy petrol.
  • Choose eco-friendly cleaning products. You probably haven’t considered it before, but the cleaning products you use to wash up your car every weekend could be harming the environment. Standard cleaning products often contain harmful chemicals that pollute the atmosphere. Switch to an eco-friendly option instead – they’ll get the job done and leave your car squeaky clean without harming the planet.
  • Use natural air conditioning. When a hot summer day rolls around, it’s always tempting to turn up the air conditioner and cool off. Unfortunately, air conditioning quickly increases your fuel costs and uses excess energy that the planet can’t afford. Flow-through ventilation is a better option, but rolling the windows down a crack will easily let some fresh air in to cool you off without draining your petrol tank down rapidly.