Whether you are buying a used car, motorcycle, boat or any motor vehicle, you have to ensure that it is free from other obligations. Perhaps you heard about the security interest. It is the legal right granted to creditors by debtors to repossess the property in the event that they cannot make payments. There are wise car owners that sell the property despite knowing that it is attached to a security interest.

As a car buyer, you have to avoid properties attached to security interest because the creditors will not care if you paid for it. When it is time, they will take away the property. It will be your loss at the end of the day. Fortunately, there is a registry that you can count on. In Australia, transparency is highly valued thereby the creation of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR), which is overseen by the Australian Financial Security Authority.

PPSR is a great source of information for all car buyers. For a small fee, you can check the ppsr and eventually see pertinent information about the vehicle you are interested in. Before you begin, you need to secure your debit/credit details, email address and more importantly the PPSR registration number.  PPSR registration refers to the 15-digit number when the security interest is registered. You have to know that it is not the same with the car registration number.

Begin your search
1. When you are on the page, click on the PPSR “Search” tab and choose “Search by

PPSR registration number”. You can see this option from the dropdown list.
2. This is the time that you enter the PPSR number supplied to you. You have to make sure that the numbers are correct or you risk of getting wrong registration results.
3. Click on “Next”. As soon as you clicked on the “Next” tab, you will see the fee presented on the screen. Online self-service and assisted phone service fee is $3.40.

1. This is the time you enter your debit/credit card details. If you recall, the fee is already presented on the screen. If you consider debit card, make sure that it is Visa/MasterCard. Any credit card will do if you choose to pay by credit card.
2. If you want a copy of the receipt, you should enter your email address.
3. Click the “Pay” now button.

Search result
1. The results will be displayed on your screen together with the unique search number and downloadable receipt or tax invoice.
2. It is important that you email the search result so you can have an official copy. To do this, click on the “Email certificate” button.
3. Enter your email address then click on “Email” to send the copy of the search certificate.
4. You will know if the email is successful because of the confirmation displayed on the screen.

PPSR is an important tool that you should utlise to help you make the right decision. Do not blindly buy a car because you find it appealing and cheap. Try to look deeper and you will see whether it is worth it or not.