Going through television or magazines the ads of new vehicles caught everyone’s eyes, especially those who are actually looking for buying a vehicle soon. But how can one be sure if the new car is right for them? It’s true that a new car has all the attractive financing options, and it may seem the only option present. But that’s not true, there is another choice as well – Used cars! People may find it an unattractive option with many cons attached. But they do not have the actual image in front of them. Now a days there are many advantages attached to buying a used vehicle, some of them are as follows:

  1. Save Money

Comparing between the prices of a new and an old car the difference is almost around double. Used cars are 50% cheaper than the new ones. Even if you go for financing your car you can pay it off much faster than for a new one. In fact you can even finance it on your own and save the financing fees. A survey proves that a car is switched every 6 years on an average by the consumers, thus a used car buyer can get a not so old and used car and even buy two in the price of a single new one.

  1. Bulk of Depreciation Has Already Occurred

It’s nothing new and surprising that a new car depreciates 10-20% of its value as soon as it leaves the showroom. An average of 11% drop is inevitable, for example, if a car worth $20,000 leaves the lot its worth drops to $17,800 immediately. The depreciation continues for weeks and months to years.But in case of used vehicles, the major depreciation has already occurred. In fact with a few modifications that chances are that the value of an old car may even increase.

  1. Lower Customization Costs

If someone wants to have a car with personal add-ons and customized looks, it’s really near to impossible to go for it with a new car. But it’s easy to settle for customization with an used car. People search for used cars in SanDiego, and all over U.S. to customize and give their personal touch with add-ons.

  1. Certified and Thoroughly Inspected

The fear ofauthenticity and reliability in a used car is the major set-back for used cars. But that’s an old issue. Now one can easily find certified used vehicles who give assurance for quality of these cars. Buyers can trust these certificates as they are awarded only after they go for a thorough inspection of the vehicle. These Pre-Owned certified vehicles are refurbished, inspected, and get their certification by the certifying authorities or even from the manufacturers at times. This is reliable assuranceof the high quality.

  1. Warranties

New cars come with guarantees and warranties but earlier used cars had no such benefits attached to them. Fairly to say used cars are generally devoid of this advantage. But no more, one can easily find used cars who still have their original warranty valid. There are numerous used cars in San Diego, and various other cities in U.S. with such warranties. If not they may still have the option to create a new one.