It is the finest and comprehensive armored vehicles for Rent Company by a new fleet of bullet-proof cars for rental to the over-all public as well as on-call 24 hours a day plus 7 days a week. All cars are rented by an experienced safety driver who is a skilled, certified, and proficient security professional and certified.

Your life that of your families plus business might depend on a secure transport and the security defense it offers. Our taskforce of armored cars are of the utmost material and meet all the criteria of the defense giving you a peace of mind however traveling.

We can rent you a protected bullet-proof SUV car for any events and occasions. We protect and protect individuals, families, traveler, executives, companies and government units on an everyday base.


In today’s gradually volatile world, words similar security and safety have converted to common daily language. Recent progress in our global political weather has caused industry executives, public figures, celebs and their families to consider more sensibly about whether they are going to be a victim of a violence.

– Since 9/11 experts have exposed 30 intentional assaults on US soil, the extreme recent in Nov 2011 the 14th in NYC alone.

– As said by British American security proficient, Dr. Mark Yates, VIP’s plus business executives are maximum susceptible to attack however linked toward their car, with the maximum number of attacks happening when ingoing or leaving the car.

– The FBI reports 1.2 million ferocious crimes in the United States in 2010.

– Corporate front-runners are a firm’s most valued asset plus need to be protected while they are most susceptible, during travel. offers unmatched services and products for ultra-discriminating spectators. Our promise to innovation, skill, security proficiency and trusted conglomerates with each and every client ensures that your way of life and security needs are personified in the ultimate modified armored car experience.

Worldwide control of the car position via GPS

To confirm the safety of our customers, we offer continuous worldwide GPS monitoring over our SECURITY CENTER.  In the doubtful event of an abduction, otherwise, if the car is stolen, we can regulate the place via the GPS position. The armoredvehicles for rent are armed with numerous miniature GPS receivers that are concealed in our particular protection cars as well as hard to detect or inactivate by criminals.

Personal protection as well as bodyguard service

Our bodyguards are skilled in the greatest schools. They are equipped and armed with bulletproof vests to defend the lives of susceptible persons. Our bodyguards are available to convoy you at all times, certainly also whilst roaming abroad.