leather steering wheel cover

The steering wheel is one of the most significant and extensively used parts of a vehicle. But many vehicle owners fail to understand this, and they often overlook taking care of the wheels. Like any other part of the vehicle, you should give attention to the steering wheels. If it starts to wear and tear, then you will not get the right grip. Therefore, you need to protect it with the right cover. The cover offers many more benefits as it gives better grip and comfort to the driver.

Many owners invest in leather steering wheel cover as it adds elegance and style to the interior of their vehicle. However, buying a wheel cover is not an easy task as you have to consider many things before buying. There are different brands that selling covers made up of different materials and with different features. Below are few things that you need to know about materials before buying a wheel cover.


The wheel covers are available in a wide variety of materials such as leather, fabric, synthetic, and many more. Each comes with different features and has its own benefits. Depending on your car model and preferences, you can choose the right material. It is significant to choose the material that is skid-proof and sturdy.

leather steering wheel cover

Leather:One of the most popular materials used in wheel covers is leather. The leather steering wheel cover is the top choice of many people because of its weather resistance, durability, and breath ability. Moreover, it offers a better grip and is comfortable to handle. If you maintain it properly then it can last for many years. But they are a little expensive, and they are worth to invest. When you choose the leather you find only limited color options, but their functionality is unbeatable.

Fabric:Fabric steering covers offer a wide range of designs that comes in various colors. You can choose either wool or cloth fabric, which are ideal for certain weather conditions. The numerous color options attract women to choose the fancy one. However, they are not as good as leather material because they do not last long.

Synthetic:Another popular material is synthetic that is the least expensive to buy. The synthetic materials like polyester, rubber, or microfiber are used in wheel cover construction. Also, they offer better grip, and they are affordable to buy.

Hence, the above-mentioned are few materials of wheel cover. Visit the Auto Canny website to explore different types of materials and their prices to buy the perfect one for your vehicle.