Car buyers are out there looking for ways to hack the system and save a lot of money when making major purchases, especially when buying vehicles. A lot of thinking revolves around finding the best time to buy an item. If you need appliance like a brand-new television, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the days around the Super Bowl are the best time to do your appliance shopping.

If you are planning to have a vacation, purchase the plane ticket on a Tuesday and make sure to fly out on Wednesdays. Purchasing a vehicle is no different. If you ask the experts for the best time to buy cars, you will get answers like “end of the month” or ” wait until a new car model arrives.” There are a lot of theories when it comes to this subject as there are days in a year. Oddly enough, there is some truth to some of them. When is the best time to purchase a vehicle?

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Early days of the week

End of the vehicle’s model year

End of the year

Last days of the month

End of the vehicle’s design and life cycle

Holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, Fourth of July and Presidents Day

Last three months of the year


Let us put it this way; our advice is that the best time to purchase an automobile is when the buyer needs it, and they feel they are ready to but, regardless of what day or month. Purchasing a vehicle can be very stressful at times, and it takes a lot of days, even months, to go from deciding what model or brand to buy to closing the deal.

Why add pressure by trying to squeeze in your shopping say into days, weeks, or holiday weekends where people are also doing their shopping? But if you are a good shopper who wants to take advantage of the best time to purchase an automobile, let us take a closer look at your options.

End of month

When we are approaching the end of the month, a lot of dealers may be one or two cars short of their sales quota that can give them a fat check as a bonus. Salespeople will have all the motivation in the world to make a great deal for buyers and might have discounted vehicles for sale, making up the money lost with the bonuses.

It is this time of the month when you should not sleep on these exceptional deals. But we need to keep in mind that if the salespeople met their quota earlier that month, they might not get motivated to provide buyers excellent deals that you might be expecting.

It isn’t very easy to know ahead of time. But if you are in the middle of a negotiation and the dealer offers you a meager price, take the time to ask them why they are willing to lose some money on the sale. If the reason makes a lot of sense, and the price is a lot better compared to the amount of the automobile on your research, it could be a sign that they are trying to make their sales goal.

If you are feeling a little nervous about purchasing a car at a short timeframe, take the vehicle you are eyeing at the start of the month, for a spin and try to close the deal when the end of the month approaches. Not only that, but brand-new vehicle incentive offers are also great for a few days after the end of the month, which will give the buyer some kind of a buffer.

To get a better understanding on how to find the perfect car, you can look for a website and or forum sites, or social media pages about this subject.

And of the year

If your main objective is to lease or purchase a new vehicle and get the best price possible, according to data, year-end sales events during December will provide buyers an opportunity to save a lot of money when buying an automobile.

People need to look for an automobile from an outgoing model year that offers generous incentives. According to research, December has the highest discount off Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price compared to other months of the year.

On average, manufacturers and car dealerships can offer at least a 6% discount on their products during these months, the highest incentives out of all the months of the year. Previously, the month of December also has the most extensive inventories, with a lot of these vehicles coming from outgoing model on their lots. Automobile manufacturers and car dealerships want to close the calendar with positive sales.

They also need to get rid of previous-year vehicles that are only taking up space on their lots, that is why they are very motivated to sell those cars even if the price is not on their usual price range. Every manufacturer handles this December sell down differently. That is why some dealerships need to have a better selection of outgoing model-year vehicles at the end of the year, while others don’t have that kind of choice.