Buying a used car can be a problem even for those who have experience in driving and maintaining cars. Bad sellers and insidious private sellers can often hide problems with the car. This leaves you with many issues after driving the car home. You can be very excited when you buy a used car with a value of up to 5,000 years or even a used car up to 3,000 years old, so you will not pay attention to the simple details.

For you to get a reliable used cars hong kong in the process, you need to be patient and attentive. Take your time looking at the car. Remember that it is a purchase, in which you trust your money and your life. You want a car that lasts a long time and offers you many good miles.

Five things often are overlooked

  1. Body

Pay attention to visible problems, such as dents or rust. But you should also remember that there are quick ways to hide problems. A hasty repair may mean that it is done incorrectly and may cost you more. Look for bubbles at the edges of the car. This can mean abnormal paint or even rusty blisters that erode or destroy the body.

Lift the hood, the trunk and open all the doors so you can see the frame and hinges. Anything that is not aligned can be a problem to fix it. It can also mean that the car was in a collision once in your life. If there are signs of uneven colour, it is usually a sign of past repair. Ask the owner how the owner received this damage.

  1. Service history

Always ask for a maintenance history. In the first years, the car usually receives service in a car salon as part of the warranty. Be a bit suspicious if there are no documents. The car owner must have at the time of receipt, such as the purchase of oil, and services to change the oil, spark plugs and replace the liquids. A good way would be to compare the maintenance history with the periodic maintenance prescribed in the vehicle manual and it should provide a good coworking space hong kong.

  1. Leaks

Do not go yet. Look under the car. Check shock absorbers and tire connections for liquid leaks or grease buildup. See also if something is attached under the car. The oil, fuel and other liquids that stained the floor will be a sign of leaks.

  1. Tires

This is something that has not been verified as much as it should. In general, tires should be replaced when the tread pattern begins to fade. An irregular pattern of the tread (the outer side is much thinner than the inside of the tire) will indicate alignment problems. Check if the steps are too thick.

  1. Legality

While all the documents seem to be there, spend a day working at the DMV or the local police station. The first thing you should check is if it is not stolen and if it belongs to the seller. The next thing is to check if there are unpaid tickets that must be paid. Buying a car will mean that you have to buy it clean and free of any burden or problem with the police or the government.

In summary

Always keep this in mind. Do not forget to check the car carefully. Most likely, if you bought a lemon, you will be trapped for a long time. So do regular tests and do not lose sight of the previous points.