Vehicle Identification Number

Buying a car can be a very special time for many people, even when it comes to buying a used car. But what was supposed to be a dream can turn into a big nightmare. Who can guarantee that your new car has no hidden problems? As we know, caution never hurts, checking the chassis number is a simple way to ensure that your purchase will not bring future headaches. Chassis number or VIN is a 17 digit long code (it has alphabets and numbers). It is a unique serial number that helps identify the vehicle’s type and specifications.

What is the chassis number?

The chassis number is the easiest way to check the origin of a car. There are 17 characters. Its official name is VIN, and it has followed a worldwide standard (ISO 3779) since 1981. The chassis number can be found in several places. In the car document there is a printed indication for easy location. Other places where the VIN can be found are in engravings on the car’s engine and on the chassis itself. Always use a trustworthy source to do a VIN test. Click here if you want to know more details on your vehicle.

Vehicle Identification Number

How can checking the chassis number help me?

The chassis number can indicate several different things. Some are more serious than others. As we said earlier, the vehicle’s illegal origin is noticeable from the VIN verification. But, it is possible to know if any original parts of the vehicle have been replaced. If the VIN engraved on the chassis is different from the number engraved on the engine, it is possible that the item has been exchanged. Each vehicle has a unique code that identifies exactly what it is. The VIN on each vehicle reports information that includes: Your country of origin,

  1. The car manufacturer,
  2. Your engine code,
  3. The model year,
  4. The chassis number.

Non-original parts can cause defects

A car with replaced parts is much more likely to have mechanical problems. Even more so if the parts exchanged are not of good quality. Because of that, checking the VIN can protect you from buying a car with malfunctions. Consequently, this can increase the life of your vehicle. A lot of observation is necessary when buying a used car.

All VINs that start with the number “1” were manufactured in the United States, while vehicles with the letter “J” to start the VIN were built in Japan. The first digit is always the country of origin. If you are concerned about the security of your VIN, don’t be. There is no risk in sharing your VIN. It is not linked to any of your personal information, credit history or others.