The 2019 Honda Clarity comes both as a fully electric vehicle or as hybrid packed inside an exquisite bold exterior frame. Though most commonly driven as a plug-in hybrid, the 2019 Honda Clarity shows its extroverted nature when it comes to its efficiency in covering a good range of distance and delivering a satisfactory performance.

At the Santa Rosa Honda where we first got to see the 2019 Honda Clarity for the first time, its apparent exterior style of the 2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid looked humble, but its less expensive price tag made it more popular than we expected. When you drive the 2019 Honda Clarity as a fully electric car, it is able to cover a distance of 89-mile of range per full charge which might not be as competitive to the latest electric cars released by other brands at the same time. This lack of efficiency might be because of its small sized battery which can be upgraded, without much effort.


The Lineup of the 2019 Honda Clarity

The 2019 year lineup of the Honda Clarity consists of a plug-in hybrid that is offered with two trim levels: one is the Base and the other named as Touring. All the 2019 versions of the Honda Clarity look identically same to their 2018 year versions.

The plug-in hybrid model of the 2019 Honda Clarity claims an EPA rated fuel economy at 42 mpg when combined when driven as a conventional hybrid with its battery put on power. With a full charge, the 2019 Honda Clarity can travel more than a distance of 40 miles with its front wheel drive configuration. With this powertrain issued to the 2019 Honda Clarity, the acceleration gets more than adequate in all its trim versions.

Cabin Comfort

In the 2019 Honda Clarity cabin there is more than enough space for four adultpassengers and their cargo. Every 2019 Clarity trim model is equipped with a large  8.0-inch touchscreen display with smartphone compatibility, while the dual-zone climate control keeps the cabin atmosphere under control even in extreme weather conditions. Climb up the top trims and you get a still candid cabin atmosphere that adds rich leather upholstery and superb navigation control system.

Safety Aspects

The 2019 Honda Clarity gives you the benefit of many standard and active safety features like  automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitors, and active lane control.

Performance Feedback

T be truthful, the 2019 Honda Clarity don’tprioritize on performance but on environmental benefits. Hence the entire lineup of the 2019 Honda Clarity available as all-electric, fuel cell and plug-in hybrid gets you energy efficient performance rather than the thrill of adventure on the expense of harmful emissions polluting the atmosphere.

At the Honda dealer Santa Rosa, we were told that the 2019 Honda Clarity uses a 17-kwh battery for the plug-in hybrid model that can move the car further than 40 miles on the electric power alone. The all-electric version of the Clarity equally shows its capability through its 25.5-kwh battery pack that reaches you ahead of 90 miles in a single charge.

Overall, for those the planet atmosphere matters, the 2019 Honda Clarity gains preference over its rivals because of its affordability and the effective performance that is expected of a green car series.