Unfortunately, there are a few car hire companies that lure the unsuspecting customer with very low rental rates, only to add a few extra charges at the end of the rental, which can come as a nasty shock, as one hasn’t budgeted for such a cost. A majority of car hire companies are ethical in their business practices, and you will only pay the stated rates, providing, of course, you stay within their restrictions, which might involve limited mileage or distance from the rental depot. If you are looking to rent a car anytime soon, here are a few hints to ensure that you have a positive rental experience at an affordable cost.

Tax Inclusive Prices

Some rental companies prefer to offer the lowest possible prices for obvious reasons, and one way to do this is to advertise a daily rate that is not inclusive of goods and service tax (GST), which is a requirement in Australia, and while there might be a tiny asterisk that states the price is before tax, the average consumer will fail to notice and therefore thinks the price is very attractive. A rental company that is transparent and offers competitive prices for quality vehicle rental would announce that their rates are inclusive of GST, so when you are looking at comparison companies, it is worth bearing this in mind. There is cheap car hire in Perth from a reliable supplier whose prices are not only cheap, they are also inclusive of tax.

Advanced Booking

One of the benefits of an early booking is that if something is unclear, or you require something additional, there is ample time to come to an agreement. If, for example, you liked a quoted rental price for your duration of stay, you could reaffirm that there are no hidden charges, just for peace of mind, and any reputable car rental company would be only too happy to oblige.


An established car hire company would have an extensive FAQ page on their website, covering every aspect of car rental, and any query you might have will be answered in this section. This means you can be confident that everything is understood and you are aware of your restrictions, and should you incur any extra costs, you would be aware of this. A few minutes reading the frequently asked questions will allow you to make an informed decision, and the great thing about online car hire is you can browse at your leisure, with no pressure to make a booking, and when you are ready to do that, the easy to navigate booking process is easy to complete, and with a secure online payment, you can be sure that your chosen vehicle will be waiting for you.

Established Provider

A very small enterprise would be able to offer lower rates than a larger concern, mainly as he hardly has any overheads, but he would not have sufficient resources to handle a breakdown, and there would be very little on offer, in terms of support.

This is why you should deal with an established car hire company that doesn’t offer excessive rates, and due to the fierce competition, there are online companies who tick all the boxes, and a little Internet searching is all it takes to source such a company.