When I saw my favorite Mazda CX-9 for sale, the first thing that crossed my mind is it would be an easy to drive vehicle with its automatic transmission doing all the hard work for me. But in time I realized that as the owner of an automatic car, it becomes essential to take good care of your transmission, so that it does its job well and responds to you in time, when you want to improve its performance as well. Owning a vehicle like the latest Mazda CX-9 that runs on automatic transmission, would have its own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

Those who have already experienced visiting repair shops for their automatic transmission issues, would probably know how much expensive can be the replacement of this transmission as well as its repair. To avoid such circumstances, a group of experts in my dealership suggested me these simple tips to help improve the performance of my Mazda CX-9, and they really worked.

Keep a closecheck on the transmission fluid

A major indication of the health of an automatic transmission of a vehicle is its fluid. If you keep a close check on the level of the transmission fluid, every time you come back from taking your vehicle out for a spin, would bring the first level of security for the transmission. All you have to do is taking a look under the vehicle to see if there is any fluid leaking out. The next thing is to check the dipstick regularly to make sure that the transmission fluid is properly clean and there are no particles to be seen floating in the fluid. If it becomes darker in color, know that it is time to change the fluid as early as possible.

Lowering the Gears While Carrying Heavy Loads

While the earlier one was a maintenance tip, this one is a driving one. Research says that the best way to maintain a good track record theperformance of your vehicle with an automatic transmission is to always use the right setting for the transmission. If one is operating a car with a heavy load or driving through heavy traffic, the driving selection mode should be chosen for the transmission. Using overdrive mode is not recommendable in these situations as that will incur too much pressure on the gears causing more frequent slipsleading to further damage.

Checking on Tyre Tracking

One of the aspects that gets neglected often is the tyre tracking and their alignment. While dealing with automatic transmission one should know that this makes a huge difference to the transmission performance as it has the key to change how a vehicle operates in any driving condition. So do not forget to develop a habit of checking your tyres for any sign of lumps, uneven wear or bulges. In case of suspecting one, the car should be immediately given a professional treatment, that it deserves.

The Bottom Line

All these tips were suggested by the dealership that was offering Mazda for sale near me, and their suggestion did make me feel the difference after I started following these advices.