Vehicles do behave in a certain way, in response to different climatic conditions. Needless to say, that car care at different seasons would be different, and this difference should be maintained when the car is in daily use, and when stored for a period of time in the garage.

Here we have gathered a few tips on car care from the Tempe Mazda dealer on how to keep your car stored in the garage in the cold months of winter.


The first thumb rule of storing your car in the shade is getting your car thoroughly clean. The cleaning should be an extensive one, both inside and out, before you park it for storage. A big No in this is spreading a car cover on a dirty vehicle, as that would make the matter worse. A dirty surface without ventilation and the dampness of cold would lead to the growth of fungus in several body parts and you know how awful that would feel when you take it out. So, make sure to throw out every food particle,soda cans, wrappers, and any trash that might have accumulated in the remote corners of the cabin. Going for a vacuum and steam cleaning for the inside and car wash for the outside would be good. To soak up the cabin moisture, try a few packs of desiccant and place them on the vehicle floor.


When you are planning to store your vehicle for some period of time, especially in a winter season, inflatingthe tires to a higher air pressure is recommended before storing itas tires tend tolose pressure over time and especially in fluctuating atmospheric temperature. However, themaximum air pressure measurement should not be exceeded.

Technical Maintenance

Never apply the parking brakesduring storage of your vehicle as it can freeze and become difficult to disengage from it afterwards. To prevent your car from rolling, using wheel chocks or blocks of wood is best to apply wedge for the tires.

In this regard some tech savvy owners prefer to put their car on jack stands to keep the tires and suspension off theweight. In all circumstances, make sure that the floor where you are planning to store your carshould be completely flat and made of concrete.


To prevent corrosion in the fuel lines and engine fuel stabilizer, try adding some fuel stabilizer to the gas tank after you keep it nearly full. Moreover, changingthe oil and oil filter and in case of necessity topping all these up before storing the car would ensure, no part in the car would dry up or get jammed, and would rather stay lubricated. To know more about car care tips, visit the


The car battery must be either removed or get connected to a trickle charger or a battery tender,that has a floating mode or an automatic shutoff feature to prevent the battery from getting overcharged. Running the cables up of the battery tender through the engine bay would help you keep the hood closed and make the car cover stay in place.