Lease A Car

Singapore is the most costly country in the world to own a car. In many circumstances, it is three times the price of most other countries. Due to the high costs of vehicle ownership in Singapore, leasing an automobile for the length required is a far better option than purchasing a vehicle. Here are 5 steps to keep in mind before an individual lease a car in Singapore.


Prepare Your Paperwork!

The good news is that Singapore has leasing businesses that specialize in helping foreign nationals finance their cars. However, you’ll then need to be able to hand them the necessary paperwork like license photocopy, passport photocopy, employment letter, address ID proof, etc.

Price of car leasing

Understand your needs and your means.

Any auto leasing expert will start by asking you what your budget is. Decide how much you are willing to spend each month to lease an automobile, including the cost of insurance. In Singapore, car leasing durations begin at 12 months, so if you need a vehicle for a shorter amount of time, a long-term rental (also known as a mini-lease) is a better alternative than the MRT, Singapore’s incredibly effective public transportation system.

The conditions of ’se

Conditions like – Standard lease/payment conditions

A one-month refundable security deposit plus one month’s rent is typically due at delivery.

Most lease deals come with fully comprehensive auto insurance. To ensure that you and the passengers are covered in the event of an accident, read the tiny print carefully.

Eviction from the lease

The lease agreement will specify how any additional payments or penalties are computed if you have to return your car earlier than anticipated. Hence, while comparing offers, make sure to take the termination clauses into account.

Registration for vehicles

As part of their service, the leasing firm will take care of the vehicle registration.


Approach the best car leasing company

Car Leasing Company has experience helping ex-pats all around the world and provides services to numerous employees of Fortune 1000 firms in Singapore. Also, the automotive specialists work hard to offer our clients the best vehicles, leasing values, advantages, and conditions. We’ll take care of everything crucial so you can concentrate on driving safely and worrying about the things that are essential to you.

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