If you are not a car enthusiast, you would have often heard the words “ground clearance” being mentioned when other people talk about car features and specifications, and you absolutely have no clue of its meaning and importance.

Ground clearance is considered as one of the most important aspects when talking about the dimensions of the vehicle.  The term “ground clearance” is actually defined as “ride height” meaning the measurement or the distance between the lowest part of the car to the ground. That is why when adding passengers and cargo into the vehicle the ride height becomes lower than the actual running condition figure.

Should you decide to purchase a new vehicle, there is no need for you to measure the ground clearance manually because this information is readily available with the manufacturers and in car brochures. In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of having a high and low ground clearance.

Advantages of high ground clearance

Vehicles with higher ground clearance means that they are have better off road qualities and features compared to those vehicles with lower or standard ground clearance. Most often it is the SUV’s, Pick-up trucks and a couple of multi-purpose vehicles that have a higher ground clearance compared to cars or sedans.

Having a higher ground clearance gives these vehicles more advantage practicality because it can be deemed useful when there is a need to haul a big load. It also comes in handy when travelling in muddy and rocky terrains because you have a lower chance of getting stuck on the road.

Increasing the ground clearance

If you currently own a car that has a low ground clearance, you can increase it by installing a lift kit on your truck, which is highly recommended by professionals to ensure safety on the road. You can approach several licensed mechanics and accredited car service centers and ask for an estimate if you wish to increase your vehicle’s ride height.

One of the most common problems of having a higher ground clearance or ride height means less stability on the road especially during acceleration when compared to normal sized cars or sedans.  A higher ground clearance also means a higher center of gravity which has a direct impact on the treatment of the vehicle. Passengers usually experience a sideways pull during sudden turns which makes it riskier. However, these issues are manageable and it is advisable to increase the ride height to enjoy the merits.

At the end of the day the choice whether to buy a vehicle with a higher ground clearance would depend on your lifestyle and your driving activities. If you are more into driving off road terrains and hauling a heavy load, then getting a pick-up or a SUV may seem to be more of a practical choice for you. Meanwhile if you are more of a city driver who goes on out of town trips occasionally then getting a car or a crossover multi-purpose vehicle would be a more suitable choice for you.