Learning to drive used to be a privilege and driving was a luxury. Nowadays, it is a necessity most people need. Before you can drive any vehicle, you need a driver’s license. To get one, you need to pass the theory test and the practical test. Others consider the theory test as more stringent than the practical test. The practical test is to test your driving skills on the road on an actual vehicle. Nobody wants to fail these tests. You will have to repeat them if you fail and it will mean spending more time and money. Preparing for these tests will give you several benefits.

Confidence boost

It is common for some people to pass the test on their first try. Others end up freaking out and get bad results. Going to the real test with proper preparation will let you be confident. Having confidence to handle the test will help you become victorious.

Save time and cash

When you book a driving theory test UK, you would not want to repeat it. Most people want to get it over and done with on the first try. People who do not meet the expectations of the instructor fail the test. These tests cost money so you can save time and money if you pass it at one try.


Increase knowledge

Preparing for the theory test will let you learn a lot of things. Things covered in your online practice theory test are not the same as those in the real theory test. Learning these things will help anyone looking to learn how to drive.

There are free car driving theory tests available for everyone. These can also help you prepare for the final test. A free mock test does not provide all the benefits a paid one gives but you can get an idea of what the main test would be like. You can book at and then also take advantage of free tests.

Factors to consider

There are plenty of sites offering practice tests and it can be daunting to choose which one is the best. Considering various factors will help you determine the quality of your practice test.

Recentness of test

Find out if the test is up-to-date before you accept to take an online practice test. Current road issues may not be the same as those of the old days.

Relevance to local driving regulations

Some driving regulations only apply to a certain area. Avoid inconvenience by familiarizing yourself with the driving regulations in your region.


Consider the fee they charge you for online practice theory tests. Free tests let you save cash but the value they offer would be different. Choose one which offers great value for the cash you have to spend.