When the time comes to sell your beloved car, you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure you get what it’s worth from the buyer. While the sentimental value of your first ever car may not be included in that price, you should still be able to get a fair amount of money if the car is in relatively good condition. If you’re concerned about finding a good buyer and making the sale you need, use this checklist to get your car fully prepared for the selling process.

  1. Check it’s visual appeal:

When you’re selling your car, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer you’re hoping to attract. Unless they’re really hunting for a dirt-cheap deal, they’re probably going to be seekingout a car that looks good on the road as well as driving smoothly. Make sure you deal with any minor, easy to fix aesthetic concerns before you put the ads up. Chips and damage to the windows can be quickly fixed up by a car window replacement melbourne service, and a panel beater can easily handle those small dents.

  1. Give it a fresh lick of paint:

The most obvious aesthetic issue that many buyers will look at is the paint job on the car. If you’ve been driving yours around for many years, it will inevitably have some chips here and there, particularly if it’s been through a few accidents. Take the car to a panel beater and get those chips smoothed over with a fresh coat of colour.

  1. Deal with important repairs:

Non-essential repairs that leave the car running fine but not at its best can possibly be ignored, but major issues will definitely need to be handled before you put your car on the market. Take your car to a mechanic for a full service and pay for any major problems that could affect the basic functions of the vehicle.

  1. Find the right price:

Pricing your car in the wrong bracket will make it far tougher to sell. Get a realistic valuation by checking the prices of similar models in a similar condition in your local newspapers and at car dealerships. Keep in mind that cars that are advertised by a dealer will have a profit margin added in, so you can subtract a certain amount from their price if you’re selling the car yourself.

  1. Give it a good clean:

Simply cleaning your car may make easier to sell to a good buyer. Take it for a professional clean up, and don’t neglect the interior. A good polish will have the car looking newer and more appealing to buyers, and a clean and fresh-smelling interior will make their test drive experience more pleasurable.

6. Advertise the vehicle:

You can’t expect to get many buyers if you don’t get the word out. Put ads up in your local papers and use online advertising pages and social media sites to get as much attention as possible for your car. Include plenty of details in the advertisements, including the mileage of the car and what special features are included. Don’t forget to include the asking price and all of your contact details so the buyer has all of the information they need to make a decision.