Motorbike wheel chock is the bike accessories, which go a very long way in ensuring the maximum bike safety if it’s kept in the storage and during the transportation. Well, the motorcycle accessory is nothing but the metal or rubber tool, which consists of 2 plates that are used in sides of tires of a motorcycle and thus keeps this in proper place. These plates are set for the wide tires from 80 – 200 millimeters, but the optional set of the upper plate, for tires that is below 100mm wide, is recommended.

Use of motorcycle wheel chock

You can buy optional plates, which represent brackets “U.” The 4 screws (2 on every side will help to keep these pieces in proper place). Width of the motorcycle wheel chocks will loosen its nuts on plate to slide in and thus they must be customized and set up using scale on front of a ramp to the ideal width. You may use the wheel chocks on the front and rear tire or both of these. They are installed and if you don’t want them, you may rotate the plates for detaching. Motorcycle wheel chock especially is great in a garage or look for holding your motorbike throughout the repair.

Benefits of motorcycle chock

Motorcycle wheel chock generally works best when it is used with the tie down straps and to ensure complete security. It is true when you transporting the motorbike on trailer. You may walk around your place or move along through rough terrains without even engaging any extra pair of the hands to hold your bike. Benefits of using the motorcycle chock are many & they are briefed:

  • Easily mounted on the floor, truck and trailer for the transportation
  • Simple for a person in strapping down the motorcycle

The motorcycle stands are tough and best, when it is bought from the online source. It is to make sure you get best ones in a most cost efficient rate for the valuable motorbike. Get from the online destinations online that will guarantee best shelf life. Suppose maintained rightly, then this motorbike accessory will last for years to come. It is because they do not have moving parts, which might get dysfunctional. You also can get other accessories such as motorcycle jack, or motorcycle lift from online source. Use the accessories for maintaining your bike in any place in the upright position even when on move or relax when it takes proper care of bike tires.