If you are the one who has a genera fondness for the brand Audi. It is no surprise that you would be waiting for its latest release 2019 A6 model. Before you arrange to see it yourself at your nearest dealership, we thought of letting you take a quick glance at the new A6 that is quite alike its predecessors A8 and A7 that inspired to imbibe the range-topping four-door feature in this model.

The Santa Cruz Audi dealer provided us with the latest credible information on this incredible model that we have jotted down below for you:

The Look

The A6 continues with the conservative style that was prevalent in the A7, but at the same time, it has got an overall revolutionary look for a sedan. Taking the best cues from its earlier versions A4, A5and A7, the A6 2019 has much sharper shape with creases deeper than before with a hoodbulging out.

The new 2019 A6 is all set to ride atop with a stiffer frame, made up of a perfect combination of steel and aluminum with all its suspension components weighing lighter than before. Audi has given its variable steering ratio system to the A6 model, to bring in more comfort in cruising for long-distance drives.

The look inside the A6 feels larger with more passenger room and cargo, to which the interior lighting with 30 different shades make it all visually appealing.

The Power of Performance

Audi installed two engines for their latest A6, one 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 which is most likely to be the first among the currently available engines in the States, that begets a 340 horsepower and a 369 pound-feet of torque. As declared by Audi, the A6 is made to give 62 mph in 5.1 seconds when running on the gas engine.

This time the A6 would come with a four-wheel steering that would dial up to 5 degrees in counter-steering while driving at slow speed. This is done to achieve better maneuvering of the front wheels during high speed and still have a better handling.

Audi A6 for 2019 is most probably coming with a standard mild-hybrid power train with a higher fuel efficiency that can make it run up to 100 mph with a start/stop system cutting short the idling time during the application of brakes at a speed upto 13 mph.

Technology Integration

The A6 2019 is expected to come with even more higher end infotainment features from Audi and it must be something from their latest MMI infotainment system displayed through a 12.3-inch driver information cluster and a 10.1-inch touchscreen for infotainment alone and an 8.6-inch touchscreen for the climate controls, which sounds pretty impressive.

Safety Features

When talking about Safety features with the Santa Cruz Audi dealers, they assured that Audi 6 would definitely act upon its latest systems like lane and adaptive cruisecontrol, parking assistance, hardware for the vehicle-to-infrastructure, and a lengthy list of sensors and cameras all working as a team to avoid crashes.

Summing Up

The A6 has combined technology with aesthetics to bring out the best of driving experience on road.