The car is the most desired asset in the world. With the technology advancement buying a car comes in cheap now. There is more than one vehicle in a single family. Well as said earlier, it is not that tough to own a vehicle but it is a tough task to keep the vehicle healthy. While you go to buy a car, check for the car’s ppsr. If that is not done the vehicle and the passengers in it face the great problem. Hence, servicing the car regularly becomes very important. Here is some of the servicing that you may make use of to keep you car to the best of its health.

Interim Service

The interim services are the basic type of service that most of the vehicle does go through. It is mainly for the vehicles that have covered more than 20,000 miles in a year. This service is used to have a basic maintenance. The car in this service is not thoroughly checked. Basic checking like the bunkers, the engine, and headlights are done. This service is provided to the car at least twice a month to make sure that the basic things are all fine.

The service that is provided in the interim section differs from garage to garage. Some garage also checks in for the oil, brakes, coolant etc and makes changes if required. However, which garages you go they make sure that they give full safety to your car and no problem arises in the future. If some minor changes are to be done then the interim service is the best option. This is also cheap in comparison to the other option. If you went through a servicing twice a year then the mechanic would recommend you to go for an interim servicing.

Full Servicing

The full servicing is not a basic maintenance scheme. It is the full body scheme. The mechanics in this servicing check the A-Z of the car.  They look for any hidden problem somewhere deep. Full service is very important for any vehicle because some problems cannot be felt while driving. If can only be detected by the. The mechanics have an eagles’ eye and can detect the problems well. This car can be serviced only a year as these cars do not have long mileages under its meter. This service is highly recommended by all the vehicles once a year. Moreover, if you have not used the car in a year or you have used it greatly then the full servicing is the perfect one for you.


Servicing is very important for any vehicle. That is because the car is a mechanical body that is made up of bolts and nuts. With the passage of days, these things tend to loosen up.