There are various reasons why some people who want to learn driving but never enroll in a driving course. It could be that they are busy in their lives and they cannot make time for it. The driving school could be too far to travel on a regular basis and lose time in the process. Some are afraid that they are slow learners and the instructors will teach at their own pace. There are many females who are not comfortable learning from male instructors as they will be a lot of touching and physicality involved. To address all these issues Andy1st Driving School is offering various facilities to motivate people to enroll in driving courses as per their requirements.

Pickup – If you are living at a distance from the driving school, the instructor allocated for making you learn the driving lesson will pick you up from the place you mention. This service is also applicable for all those who want their instructors to pick them up from their working place or studying place to save time and energy.


Flexible Courses – If you are free only on the weekends, you can enroll in the weekly courses. This course is suitable for all working professional as well as those studying in college or university. On the other hand, if you can manage a few days like 7-10 days from your work or study, you can join an intensive course where you get to learn and practice regularly at a stretch and learn driving in a matter of 2 weeks. This is suitable for those who have other commitments on the weekends and take a few days off from their daily working lives.

Automatic Driving – Andy1st Driving School has automatic driving course whereby the beginners are allowed to use cars that are self-driven. In the near future, the self-driven cars will take over the automobile industry. The gear will change automatically as per the speed and the beginners will get comfortable with the car and its mechanism faster before trying out manual cars.

Learning Pace – The instructors are highly experienced and very friendly. They will make you learn driving at your own pace. You will get continuous feedback on your weakness and ways to improve them effortlessly. There is no hustle and bustle and you can learn with complete peace of mind. Furthermore, they have female instructors for female learners.