Buying a car is easy for most of you. What is difficult is to maintain it. Fuel charges are already so high and on top of that you are required to spend a large sum of amount every now and then on your car maintenance. Is it indeed painful, especially when you manage your finances every month with lot of difficulties?

What if someone tells you that you can easily handle few maintenance work of your car all by yourself without spending much money on it? Yes, you heard it right. Car maintenance is not as difficult as it may sound.  Following are few of the DIY car maintenance tips that you can easily handle:

Air Filter

This is probably one of the parts of your car that you can easily maintain. Changing the air filter of your car requires no extra tools. It can be done in just ten minutes of time and that too with just few dollars expenses.  In order to change the air filter, you should first find it under the hood of your car. It is shaped like a rectangular box and has metal clips on the side.

In case, you are unable to spot the air filter, you may want to use your car’s manual.  Once you have spotted it, check the direction of the filter and remove it with the new one. That’s it. This simple work would cost you many dollars if you take it to a mechanic. Why not do it all by yourself and save money in the longer run?

Windshield Wipers

Changing the windshield wipers is also as easy as changing the air filter. You can easily change any type of wiper blades by yourself until you have purchased a very expensive one. In case, you don’t know, your windshield wiper should be changed every six months. Changing the wipers would differ from one model of the car to another. Therefore, read the manual to find out the method to change the blade and you are good to go.

Spark Plugs

Most spark plugs require replacing after every 3,000 miles. Therefore, if you have already driven your car for 3,000 miles distance, you should consider replacing the spark plug of your car. It may sound like an intense work, but changing spark plugs is as easy as munching on your favourite popcorn. Start by locating the spark plug, which is usually attached to thick rubbery wires. Depending on the number of cylinders in your car, you can change the spark plugs easily.

Oil and Oil Filter

This one requires just 30 to 45 minutes of your time and few dollars expense. You should consider replacing the oil filter every 5,000 miles. Changing it is easy. You just need to be careful about one thing. Never ever change the oil filter when the engine is hot. This may cause some fatal accident. Always make sure the engine is cold and then change the oil filter.