The vehicles owned by people are needed to be well-maintained because they are a heavy investment. Apart from regular cleaning, you need to go for deep cleansing to make your car look appealing and new. You also need to put effort to maintain its resale value and you will always have the confidence to drive it around.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when going for auto detailing Edmonton:

  1. Cleaning of the carpets

The carpet of the car is most vulnerable to dirt. Pick a scrubbing brush with high bristles which has the power to scrap dirt from the carpet. Some dirt may be trapped in the crevices which may be pushed by special wires or rods. Bring all the dirt to one place and use a vacuum cleaner to clean all of it. You can also sweep it to the bin.

  1. Clean the headliner

Pick a microfiber cloth along with a detergent, preferably rinse-less. Be careful while wiping it and take care of the light as there may be chance of shirt circuit by the liquid you are using.

  1. Clean the salt deposits

A lot of salt gets deposited under the car with daily usage. It can gather from precipitation or   salt used to melt the snow on the road. Salt deposits are dangerous for the car as they may cause corrosion. Washing it off isn’t a complicated job. You need good amount of water supply, soap or a normal detergent, along with a scraping tool. You should do it on a regular basis.

  1. Cleaning the seats of the car

The seats get dirtier as you have most of the interaction with it. Use a strong bristle brush to wipe out dirt accumulated over time. Then wipe it with a cloth dipped in leather cleaner. Complete the cleaning process by using a suitable conditioning product. It will make the seats shine.

  1. Wipe the license plate

Unscrew the license plate with the help of a screwdriver. Remove the dirt with a brush then dip a cloth in cleaning agent and wipe it cautiously. Screw it back after it dries up.


Use a brush to remove all the debris and dirt attached to the body of the car. With the help of a cleaning product, wipe the car gently. Rinse suitable amount of water and clean the car. Remove mud from the mudguards by spraying it with strong jet of water.

  1. Wipe the ceiling

Use a cloth rinse with detergent and wipe the ceilings! Do not free flowing water on the ceiling as it may damage the adhesive which holds things in place.

  1. Clean the tires

Use a hard bristle brush to remove the dirt. Use sufficient energy to remove all the dirt trapped between the threads. Use an all-purpose cleaner and wipe it with a cloth. Do not use any washing agent as they maycorrode the tires.

  1. Wash the windows

The glass windows are washed with a soft cloth and a detergent. If there is a build-up, then you can use an all-purpose cleaner and wipe it with white vinegar which has been properly diluted. It will remove any build-up.

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