Chevrolet cars are made by General Motors, which is one of the most well-known automakers around the world, let alone the United States of America (USA). It has customers in countries such as China, Mexico, America, Argentina, Brazil and the entire continent of Europe. As such Chevrolet cars are sold like hot cakes in these territories. Thanks to such a huge amount of customers the makers of Chevrolet do appreciate that there is one thing that the owners of these cars need much more than any feature – the one related to keeping the car secure from miscreants such as thieves.

The importance of security

You can easily get your York Chevrolet with the latest security features from your nearest dealer in the region where you may be living right now. After all, it is the duty of the manufacturer to make sure that the investment made by the owner in buying the vehicle is protected at all costs. This is one guarantee that they have to provide to the buyers. In fact, this is the reason why General Motors have come up with the alarm system in these Chevrolet cars. In fact, this alarm system has been designed specifically for these cars.

More on the alarm

The alarm system cannot really be called an after-market development and is blessed with a number of security features. The first benefit of this alarm system is that you can start your car even from a remote location. The palm alarm remote control sensor is small and can be used to automatically start the car’s engine without any need for using the starter key. With the help of this feature, you would be able to warm your car up even before it has been started. However, there are certain limits to this facility.

Limits to remote start

In fact, your Chevrolet Dealership near York would tell you that for this to happen you need to be within 1000 feet of the car. A lot also depends on the environment – weather conditions to be precise – of the spot where the car is located. In any case, the water defroster ability of Chevrolet cars would come in really handy. In fact, this way you would be able to program your car to get warmed up for around 15 to 20 minutes before you start it as such. This car alarm system also allows you to open the doors and windows and lock them if you wish to.

Securing the car

This makes it easier for you, the owner of the car, to make sure that the car is safe. These cars also come with other facilities such as a liquid crystal display (LCD) trans-receivers as well as wireless backup cameras. With the help of these, an owner can have the security-related advantage he is looking for from these cars. The car would be safe no matter where you keep it. You might be busy shopping or working at your office but you would still be able to keep a watch on the car from your LCD monitor.