The tyre punctures are a common event which someone will face at the time of driving a car. Some of the things like nails, pins, a piece of glass, pebbles, as well as different other debris found on roads can damage the tires of the vehicle. Some of the facts about fix car tyre puncture have been discussed in this article.

Top facts to know about fixing the car tire 

Below are some of the important facts to know about repair the punctured tire:

  1. One should not repair a tire while the same is still attached to their vehicle. In addition, the tire needs to be removed from the car but also from the wheel to access the inner surface.
  2. Without inspecting the inside of the tire for hidden damage, any repairs made might be incomplete. By verifying the tire internally can show where the puncture can be sealed from both sides.
  3. One must find the spot where the tire was punctured. They need to remove the wire, nail, or some other foreign objects. One must use this carefully to prevent any further tire damage. The hole must need to be cleared out completely.
  4. At the time repairing a puncture, the path, cavity, or hole that is left behind by the foreign object which needs to be totally filled up.
  5. The tire’s inner-liner must need to be repaired as well. The same should be cleaned, patched, cemented, as well as sealed to prevent any air loss.

Top steps to follow for repairing the punctured tire

  1. It is necessary to inspect the exteriors of the tire. One can remove the tire penetrating object as well as mark the spot by using a highlighter.
  2. It is necessary to remove the remains of the air from the tire as well as detach it from the car.
  3. It is necessary to clean the innards of the tire.
  4. It is necessary to get rid of any dirt as well as some other garbage which is being collected in the innards.
  5. One can make use of liquids like some of the cleaning solution to thoroughly clean the damaged surface.
  6. It is necessary to mark the exact hole location.

Car tires can be repaired under certain conditions. One such condition is the area of the damage.

These are some of the important tips one must follow for ensuring the health of the tire.