Tuning consists of modifying a 2, 3 or 4 wheel vehicle. Changes that can mainly concern five categories:

Aesthetics of the bodywork, or parts of it

Mechanics to the engine, the braking system, the exhaust system or the driving position

The vehicle lighting system

To the audio system

To the interiors

Each of these is strongly influenced by personal style and it is difficult to find uniformity from this point of view. In Italy, most of the modifications to cars must be subjected to regular testing at the various offices of the Civil Motorization, which, if everything is in order, issues regular authorization from the manufacturer bespoke cars for sale.

However, there are some changes that do not require any checking or approval. These include, for example, all those aesthetic ” elaborations ” that do not in any way compromise the normal and regular functioning of the car. Hence, the car tuning sticker can be safely made and attached when and how the car owner likes.

The auto tuning has become, over time, an expression of personal style that has characterized, increasingly, entire generations of young people and enthusiasts. It has become a lifestyle, a manifestation of taste, style and technique that frames a real mass art form.


The Car Tuning Sticker is a custom decal used for the decoration of multiple parts of the car:

window lift pushbutton panels

Car tank flap

Glove box

Door pillars

Seat adjustment knobs

Internal handles

Lights pushbutton panels

Car diffuser


Often as the subject a custom design is chosen according to one’s taste, or a carbon effect texture to highlight some specific parts. The possibilities are endless and you just need a little imagination to find the optimal solution to your style.

The car stickers are made of pre-spaced vinyl, a material that is durable over time and particularly resistant to scratches , solvents and normal cleaning and maintenance procedures. The car tuning sticker is carved thanks to special plotters on a specific adhesive film of easy final application. Each letter and / or part of the sticker is separated from each other (prespaced in fact) and without a bottom. The application is facilitated by a film glued on the back called application tape (usually in paper or polyethylene) which helps the application of the adhesive itself.