Used Cars - Second Hand Cars - Tips For Buying

Do not buy a used cars in el cajon in the rain, the body always looks better when it gets wet, more, chances are you forget to check something with a doubt to get out of the rain.

Stand in front of, or behind, the car, and look at the line of the body. You can see if there is any damage to the body as the reflective light on the side of the car will show bumps or replace the panels.

  • Check around the rubber window for more spraying, a sure fire way to see if a car is retouched.
  • Check the spaces between the panels to make sure that even both sides of the car. Bonnet with wings etc. This is a good indication if the car is in an accident and has replaced the panels.
  • Get a magnet for you and check the body for refilling. The lure will stay in the metal but will fall if it meets the body filler.

used cars in el cajon

  • Look inside the car, make wear inside the car depending on the mileage. If the car seems to have made 100,000 and the clock says about 25,000, you know it’s clock rotation, or worse. Check the steering wheel, and the accelerator pedal rubber for excessive wear, clutch, and brake pedal rubbers can be replaced, but the accelerator pedal is much harder to change and will provide an indication mileage truer.
  • Check under the car for oil or water outlets, also check the floor where the car represents the same thing.
  • Check the uneven wear of the wheels, if the wheels are worn on more than one side than the other is an indication that the car may be in an accident and the chassis is crooked. It can also be tracked or balance the wheel. Anyway, it’s not a good sign.
  • Drive a car, (with the radio off) and check for strange strokes or noises. Check the vibration of the steering, or pulling on one side, again indicating that the car may be in an accident and that the chassis is crooked. Be sure to drive the car on all gears to check the gearbox.
  • Try a three-point turn on the used cars in el cajon, check the reverse, and if you place the steering through the lock, you can check the wheel bearings and the rack (you are looking for a thump or squeak ).
  • When the machine is hot, see the oil, if the milk has water somewhere, which may indicate a seal of the head. (very expensive) The oil must be filled with two marks in the gauge. If oil is before being wary, not many people will change the oil in a car the day before selling it unless they try to hide something. Also check the water tank for signs of oil, not a good sign.
  • Finally, everyone, look at the newspapers. Make sure the registration document is in the seller’s name. They can be a businessman trying to pretend to be a private seller. Check the MOTs to check its current status. Check the service history to make sure it matches the vehicle sold. In addition, you can check the engine number and chassis to see if it matches what is in the registration document. You will find this information on a small metal plate under the hood of the machine. If the plate is missing, it is suspect.
  • It is also a good idea to have the car checked by HPI. It will tell you if the car is stolen, crashed or financially. It costs about £ 40 but it’s worth it.

If you follow these guidelines when buying a used car, you will not go wrong. If you can not get angry about getting into trouble, then buy your car from a businessman, he has done all the checks to cover himself before buying a car. I did not buy a car without a check first.