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It goes without saying that tyres play a very important role in the smooth functioning of vehicles. The only thing that maintains a contact between your vehicle and the road surface, tyres must be in good shape to ensure safety and efficiency. Imagine being on a high speed on Dubai roads or highways, and suddenly your tyre bursts. It is an extremely dangerous situation to be in as the car can get out of control, even flip, and lead to a catastrophic accident. Let us first identify the factors that can cause a tire burst.

Under Inflation: This is the major cause for tyres to burst as the sidewalls of an underinflated tyre flex and weakens the structure. It results in unwanted heat for the tyre, leading to a tyre burst.

Damaged Tyres: It is extremely unsafe to drive with weathered and poor-quality tyres, especially at high speed. This causes additional stress on the tyres, the sidewall cuts, and bulges, causing bursts.

Over Speeding: All tyres come with specific speed rating and it is recommended not to exceed once you have reached 80% of that speed. Over speeding can reduce a tyre’s life, causing it to overheat and burst.

Hot Roads and Overloading: These two factors also contribute to wearing a tyre’s life and causing it to burst in extreme conditions.

Ways to Avoid Tyre From Bursting

There are a few things that all drivers should keep in mind if they want to avoid a tyre burst.

Tyre Maintenance: Tyres that are kept in good condition are likely to survive worst of situations, ensuring the safety of driver and passengers. Keep an eye on the tread wear indicator and if its depth is less than 1.5mm then it is time for you to replace your tyres. If you are living in the UAE, there are plenty of online options like Dubai Tyre Shop from where you can buy authentic, branded tyres at affordable rates.

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Checking Tyre Pressure: Underinflation is among the major causes of tyre bursts, so either gauge the air pressure yourself or book an appointment with your nearest service station.

Avoid Overloading: Besides putting extra pressure on the tyres, overloading also increases fuel consumption. It affects the handling and stability of the vehicle, increasing braking distance.

Tyre Quality: Make sure you buy tyres from genuine suppliers who guarantee original products and not duplicates. It is always best to invest in branded tyres such as Atlas Tyres that allow maximum road contact and superior road handling.

Check Tyre Alignment and Balancing: Back and forth vibration and extra weight on the steering wheel indicates unbalanced tyres. Both wheel balancing and alignment are important elements of maintenance and can affect the overall efficiency of the vehicle. In case of a burst tyre, remember to stay calm and not panic as a calm mind always helps in such situations.