Have you noticed some steaking, weaning or splitting in your current wiper blades? Well then, this certainly means that their replacement is way overdue. You should not wait until your blades are completely worn out for you to replace them. Experts recommend that you replace them after every six months. According to recent research finding one million accidents every year happening around the world are weather related. Having functional wiper blades is therefore very crucial in minimizing this tread. If you value your life and that of others you should ensure that you get the very best wipers you can for your car. There are quite a number of thing to consider while shopping for wipers and some are highlighted below;


This is certainly the main consideration when shopping for nearly anything. There are varied designs of wipers in the market but they come at varied prices as well. The traditional frame styles blade for instance are considerably affordable.  You may be enticed by the sleek appearance of the premium beam blades but if you are working under   a tight budget, these may not be the best choice for you. Just because they are relatively cheaper does not mean that traditional wipers are less functional. You might consider ones with halogen hardened rubber as they are relatively durable than those made with just ordinary rubber. If however you are in a position to get premium beam wipers, do not compromise as they are nearly impeccable. They not only give your car an appealing look but are also very durable. Their durability makes the long-term cost lower thus making them a worthy investment.

Wiper arm style

This is also a very important consideration that you should make while shopping for wipers. There are mainly three wiper arm styles in the market and these are side post, J hook and Bayonet wiper arms. The first two simply have a place whereby the wipers are hooked or locked. This makes them very easy to install and you can even do it yourself.  Bayonet wiper arms are slightly more complicated than the former. You will need to have a screw driver to install or remove them. Only specific wipers can be fitted to these wiper arms. This uniqueness necessitates hiring an expert to do the installation. The good news is that most auto parts stores will offer this service for free if you buy the wipers from them.


Different cars have different sizes and curvature of windshield surface. This simply means that not just any wipers will fit your car. To avoid some areas of the windshield being misses after wiping, ensure that you get blades that fit your car perfectly.  Most auto part stores have experts that will advise you accordingly.  


You certainly know the dominant weather condition in the area you come from. This too will act as a guide while looking for perfect wipers. If for instance you come from a place where there is severely cold weather, you must consider fitting your car with the winter wipers. Drivers in areas that experience scorching summer climate might have to save and buy silicon protected wipers as traditional rubber wipers might not suffice here. Whatever choice you make, remember that road safety is paramount.