There is nothing more precious than life for anyone. With the increasing cases of accidental deaths, driving is not a smooth ride anymore. If this bothers you as well, then Onstar 4G LTE Wi-Fi is the readymade solution only for you. It lets you take a ride with brimming confidence because you know that you are being taken care of. The Newville Chevrolet dealerhas been offering OnStar equipped Chevy at great prices and other offers.

Emergencies don’t come with warning labels but if you have Onstar, then worrying is just not for you. It is always there, ready to assist, even when you are not able to call for help, the help will come to you.

Onstar 4G LTE Wi-Fi will convert your Chevy into the most desired hotspot zone. Here is a list of how it will turn you into everyone’s envy.

1) Assistance is just a push away

This is one most desirable feature offered by Onstar. Whether you have crashed or in dire medical emergency, Onstar assistance will automatically detect it and offer you the solution. If you are caught up in adverse weather conditions, Onstar will offer you best alternative escape route or shelter. If you are left with no fuel or have flat tire or need somebody to tow your Chevy away, Onstar will be there for you.

2) Automatic Crash Response

The in-built crash sensors lower the likelihood of the damage caused by the crash. The sensors immediately instruct the car mechanism to open the safety balloon while also notifying the designated responder about the car crash. The emergency medical dispatcher consistently offers medical support during the crash till the emergency services arrive.

3) Theft Assistance for Vehicles

This theft alarm works as the additional alarm in addition to the one already installed in the car. If the installed alarm goes off, the Onstar theft assistance blows the whistle to alert the people around. If the Onstar is customized then it may even lower down the speed of the Chevy not letting off the thieves. It may even prevent your restarting your Chevy not allowing any escape route to the goons. Meanwhile the emergency services will get activated calling the police to take care of the rest. The Newville Chevrolet dealer has been providing some attractive combo customization offers to the interested buyers. They have also been rigorously promoting the car safety techniques to ensure decline in the rate of car theft cases every year.

4) Navigation Service

The Onstar service also guides your route showing the best possible and traffic free route to ensure timely arrival and hassle free driving. The navigation ensures quick route transition

The driving in the fast paced and impatient world is loading the people with unwarranted fears and safety issues. The Onstar services offered by the various dealerscan be your next best friend providing you all that you need at the right time. So consult with them before taking the big leap.